New Arrival of Reinforcement Bars to the Warehouse on March 1, 2019

The following range of reinforcement bars is available:

d10,12,14,16,20,25,28 S500;

d12,14 s800.

The price is set by the manufacturer plant.

LEGMASH Plant at the Fest of Midsummer "Kupalle" ("Alexandriya Gathers Friends")

On  July 10, 2018, LEGMASH Plant took part in the big Alexandriya Fair within the framework of Kupalle holiday “Alexandriya gathers friends” on July 7-8, 2018. In a wide assortment of cast iron was presented: cauldrons with lids and pans. They shared the secrets of cooking in cast iron dishes with the visitors and inspired the preparation of delicious and healthy traditional dishes.

The Brand Store Has Opened!

Dear Orsha residents and guests of our city!

We are glad to inform you that our company store has been recently opened. It is located on the territory of the central market (Sovetskaya Street) - Hall No. 98. The store has a full range of cast iron cookware and sports equipment at the best prices.

We invite you for shopping!

Cast-Iron Products with Historical Flair

In 2016, the modernization of foundry production of LEGMASH Plant OJSC was completed. The line for cavityless casting was launched. It was also decided to transfer the iron cookware casting area from the 'Slutskemalposuda’ workshop (Slutsk town) to Orsha.

In 2017, LEGMASH Plant OJSC increased the production of cast-iron cookware significantly as compared with 2016. The sale of products to consumers in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, as well as to the countries of the near and far abroad: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Latvia, and Lithuania, has been got on the right track. Besides, in order to improve the quality, a hearth baking furnace and a two-chamber shotgun installation were purchased, which made it possible to improve the surface quality and made the final product more attractive to the consumer.

Recently, there has been a tendency of the society to strive for natural and high-quality goods.

Our company is also moving in this direction, adhering to the environmental strategy. When manufacturing cast-iron cookware, only high-quality raw materials are used for casting. This aspect sets us apart from our competitors. As a result, we get a highly environmentally friendly product that meets all the standards, has wide application and is an indispensable attribute in cooking various dishes.

All the goods manufactured are the products of our own production, which is confirmed by a certificate of own production.

Now we are developing a new brand, design and packaging; for this purpose, designers and relevant specialists are involved.

In 2018, it is planned to open a corporate store of LEGMASH Plant OJSC in Orsha.

Opening of the Foundry Shop after Modernization

As part of the investment project “Modernization of the foundry applying the cavityless casting technology”, a foundry shop has opened after LEGMASH Plant OJSC reconstruction and modernization.

The technology of cavityless casting is the most modern, promising, environmentally friendly, and the most economically oriented in the foundry industry. This method of casting allows to obtain castings of different series cycles from structural unalloyed and alloyed steel, gray and high-strength cast iron. The technology has almost no restrictions when casting non-ferrous metals. Due to the minimum molding slopes, reduction of allowances for machining and technological allowances, the mass of castings is 10-20% less than the mass of the castings obtained with traditional methods, which lets reduce the scale of machining and increase the utilization rate of the metal.

The demand for casting has been growing year after year. Therefore, the plans of the management are to manufacture competitive products in the foundry shop from the castings weighing 0.1 to 300.0 kg with a volume of up to 1,000 tons a year.

Nowadays, the main consumers of the foundry products are Bobruiskagroprommash OJSC, Orshaagroprommash OJSC, GZSU OJSC (the city of Gomel), "Avtogidrousilitel" Borisov Plant OJSC."

LEGMASH Plant OJSC is exploring the possibility of producing castings also for the enterprises of Mogilev, Polotsk, Rechitsa, St. Petersburg and other cities.


We would like to inform you that"Emalpozuda" Slutsk Plant OJSC, registration number 600154093, ceased its activity on 31/03/2015 as a result of reorganization in the form of a merger with LEGMASH Plant OJSC, registration number 300228034.

Basis: an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs on a legal entity dated 04/04/2015 No. 04-02-08/170.

Visit to the website:

LEGMASH is the Resident of the FEZ "Vitebsk"

LEGMASH Plant OJSC is registered as a resident of the Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk" with an investment project on creating modern foundry. It provides for the reconstruction and modernization of the old casting site with the introduction of cavityless casting with a production capacity of about 1 thousand tons a year.

LEGMASH on the Republican Board of Honor!

LEGMASH is the only enterprise in Orsha district that is listed on the Republican Board of Honor.

Major Investment Projects

In the framework of the BSW holding development program, the following major investment projects are to be implemented at LEGMASH Plant OJSC:

"The development of a new production of cold-formed reinforcement and fitting products." The project implementation period: years of 2015 - 2017, the planned production volume is 210,000 tons a year.

"The arrangement of high-strength stabilized reinforcement and ropes (strands) production". The project implementation period: years of 2019–2021, the planned production volume is 40,000 tons a year.

As part of investment projects, it is planned to purchase equipment for organizing the production of cold-formed reinforcement and its products, high-strength stabilized reinforcing wire of a die-rolled section for pre-stressed concrete structures used in the construction industry: reinforced concrete sleepers, reinforced concrete pressure pipes, towers, trusses, beams, roofing of high-rise buildings and other long-length reinforced concrete structural elements of responsible designation (bridges, ramps).

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

24 .12.2013 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!