As part of the investment project “Modernization of the foundry applying the cavityless casting technology”, a foundry shop has opened after LEGMASH Plant OJSC reconstruction and modernization.

The technology of cavityless casting is the most modern, promising, environmentally friendly, and the most economically oriented in the foundry industry. This method of casting allows to obtain castings of different series cycles from structural unalloyed and alloyed steel, gray and high-strength cast iron. The technology has almost no restrictions when casting non-ferrous metals. Due to the minimum molding slopes, reduction of allowances for machining and technological allowances, the mass of castings is 10-20% less than the mass of the castings obtained with traditional methods, which lets reduce the scale of machining and increase the utilization rate of the metal.

The demand for casting has been growing year after year. Therefore, the plans of the management are to manufacture competitive products in the foundry shop from the castings weighing 0.1 to 300.0 kg with a volume of up to 1,000 tons a year.

Nowadays, the main consumers of the foundry products are Bobruiskagroprommash OJSC, Orshaagroprommash OJSC, GZSU OJSC (the city of Gomel), "Avtogidrousilitel" Borisov Plant OJSC."

LEGMASH Plant OJSC is exploring the possibility of producing castings also for the enterprises of Mogilev, Polotsk, Rechitsa, St. Petersburg and other cities.