16.05.2013 Modernization of the production is the step forward (Arshanskaya gezeta)

During last seven years the plant “Legmash” realizes the modernization of its production. As a result of this modernization machines and equipment for metallurgical production will be produced.

Today it produces packing bobbins to wind metal cord and wire, rollers, piercer plugs, live rolls with placers, boxes for cutting wastes, modules of strand, air coolers, water-cooled boards, weld-fabricated metals, limekiln furnaces, stretcher mechanisms ПТМ, weld-fabricated building metals and other products.

29.06.2013 Not to stay still, only move forward (Arshanskaya gezeta)

The collective of OJSC «Plant “Legmash» achieves given activities, works profitably and outputs significant production for enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Financial and economic services of the plant make their contribution in achievement of the results.

Economic planning and finance departments always work hard. Specialists of these departments carefully count figures, analyse financial and economic activity of the enterprise.

19.07.2013 It is easy with such specialists (Arshanskaya gezeta)

For the collective of OJSC «Plant “Legmash» Metallurgist's Day is always a professional holiday, as there is one of the oldest foundries in the city.

–We do not forget about the glorious working days of the plant, which was a large enterprise for production of industrial sewing-machines in the past, - says the Deputy Director for personnel and ideological work of Nikolai Korolevich. - According to the collective agreement annually we celebrate the Mechanician’s Day and Metallurgist’s Day at the plant.