For the collective of OJSC «Plant “Legmash» Metallurgist's Day is always a professional holiday, as there is one of the oldest foundries in the city.

–We do not forget about the glorious working days of the plant, which was a large enterprise for production of industrial sewing-machines in the past, - says the Deputy Director for personnel and ideological work of Nikolai Korolevich. - According to the collective agreement annually we celebrate the Mechanician’s Day and Metallurgist’s Day at the plant.

– It is the right decision, - confirms the aforesaid the Chairman of the Trade Union Vasily Ivanov, -because the plant retained the main backbone of the skilled workers of «Legmash» and there is and works the veterans' organization. All people are worthy of respect for their long standing and conscientious work and devotion to the home enterprise.

Tatiana Popkova is the chief of the planning and economic department. Specialists of this department are following: Lilia Lepskaya is the chief of the bureau of prices; Tatiana Sapronenko is the leading economist; Tatiana Burilova, Inna Volodko, Natalia Mudrenova are economists. Natalia Latysheva is the head of inance department. Specialists of this department are following: Marina Dudareva is the leading economist; Larisa Risovets and Anna Svirko are economists.

To control the implementation of plan targets of the enterprise and its subdivisions, to work on reduction of costs on manufacture and realization of products, to take care about increasing of profit are not simple task. The final result of work is up to the atmosphere in the team of mutual understanding among the colleges, of their mutual assistance. They are one team, and this is important.

–We want to congratulate with the professional holiday and to thank Ludmila Konstantinovna Karasevich for her experience, which she passes to us; she is working for a long time as the chief economist of the plant. And we also want to congratulate our colleagues working at other industrial enterprises, organizations and institutions of Orsha region, - economists say. Their words are from the heart.