presents welded design, consisting of pallet and thermal cover. Pallet is intended for in-plant transportation of the workpieces by size Ø 200х4000-9600 mm.

Industry scoop

is intended for casting of steel.

Nominal capacity of industry scoop (γ = 6,9 t/ m3) - 4,35 m3

Mass of the metal under normal filling of industry scoop - 30 t

Mass of the metallic part of industry scoop - 10,879 t

Mass of lined industry scoop - 22,234 t

Mass of lining of industry scoop - 11,355 t

Mass of loaded of industry scoop - 52,234 t                                                           


Clipping basket

Weight of the loaded basket is 13000 kg.


designed to load and transport sccrap metal. Load capacity of the container - 5500 kg, volume - 7 m3 


Water-cooled panels

is intended for  the cooling of the external outline of steel-making furnaces.


is a part of the water-cooled flue pipe designed to drain, burnout and cooling industrial gasessteel-making furnaces.

Overall dimensions: 9299х3019х3900 mm, weight - 10645 kg.


is used in the production of thermal hardening heat-strengthened reinforcement in steel production.


Ladle cover

Overall dimensions: Ø 3380 mm, weight - 2400 kg.


Lime calcing furnace

Overall dimensions: height - 50 m, weight - 430 000 kg.


Jet of gas-suction 

Is part of water-cooling gas outlet, designed to take away, to burn out and to cool off process gas of electro-steel-smelting furnace.

Overall dimensions: 2900х1690х1750 mm, weight – 1894 kg.

Metal moulds

The metalic moulds and their elements (the pallets, etc.) for fabrication of terroconcrete much cavitated slabs by lenght up to 7,2 m and width up to 1,5 m, as well as the other dimenthion types, including the individual orders/ The metallic moulds with mobile board (the diaphragm) for producting of ferroconcrete slabs of different length, which applicable in industrial and civil construction.

Rope drum head

Overall dimensions:  Ø 580 mm, length - 1400 mm. 

Modulus of twist

is intended for the lay of strands and steel cord production in one operation.

Overall dimensions: 1880х1045х1695 mm, weight - 990 kg.

Well-drawing gear

s intended for the calibration of billets from bloom 300х400 mm.

Overall dimensions: 1000х950х4000 mm, weight - 8750 kg.