Cast-iron, steel, nonferrous casting

1. Cast-iron casting

Technological process of forming from grey iron of marks СЧ 15, СЧ 20.

Maximum size – 400 mm. Weighing out of castings 0,1-40 kg. Capacity - 360 tones per year.

Equipment: forming semi-automatic device; induction-arc furnace IST 0,16/0,25; runners M111; shotcasting drum 42203.

2. Aluminium casting under pressure

Technological process of aluminium casting (forming under pressure) from aluminium of marks АК9, АК12, АК5М2. Weighing out of castings 0,1-2 kg. Capacity – up to 150 tones per year. Equipment: forming machines А711А07, 71108; furnaces САТ 0,15; САТ 0,25.

Competitive modern foundry will be created at 4th quarter of 2014 within the framework of the project “Modernization of cast-iron and steel casting area of foundry of OJSC “Plant Legmash” using casting technique according to gasified patterns. This technology allows organizing the production of carbon and alloyed steels, grey iron, high-duty cast iron and special cast iron, copper and aluminium alloys with the mass 0,1-500 kg with the volume 1000 t/year on the basis of existing area of cast-iron and steel casting.