The Service Metal Center of LEGMASH Plant OJSC has resumed its work since May 2017 with the goal of selling the products of OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works - management company of «Belarusian Metallurgical Company holding». At one of the meetings, the director general of the holding’s management company made a decision on the transfer of metal consumers in Vitebsk region to LEGMASH Plant for the improvement of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise and the provision of additional resources.

LEGMASH Plant took over all the experience of working with existing customers and began to attract new ones. In 2017, the volume of metal products sold reached 4,000 tons.

The sale of products by the Service Metal Center being the official sales organization of the BSW OJSC does not require the mediation of the BUCE.

The constant availability of metal in the warehouse of the Service Metal Center and an individual approach to each client are those competitive advantages that distinguish us from most competitors.

You are kindly welcome to cooperate with us. Our contact details:

Tel.: 8 (0216) 42-01-00, 42-00-91.