We render following services:

-cutting at dimension of armature, pipes, casting blocks, circles;

-production of bend products of armature, pipes, beams, channel, sheet.

We sell building armature S500, S800 from Ø 4 to Ø 32 mm, circle, pipe, wire.

OJSC "Plant "Legmash"

  • Manufacture of parts, units, equipment, steel structures for metallurgy, automobile industry, construction, power engineering,oil industry, municipal or urban engineering, food industry etc.
  • Manufacture of coils for winding of wires, metal cord, threads, cable.
  • OJSC. Metal service has been opened at the plant since 2012.
  • Manufacture of bent articles made of pipes d 60-320mm by means of a pipe bender with high frequency currents, metal sheet rolling, manufacture of chimneys of various diameters.
  • Iron, steel, aluminum castings.
  • Broaching mandrels for pipe production.
  • Hose filters for dust and gas units.
  • A wide variety of lifting slings.
  • Experience of manufacture of big steel structures with the weight of up to 500 tons of any packaging arrangement.
  • Iron tableware, sporting equipment.
  • Working clothes.