Metal working

1.1   Blanking operation of technological process of metal working:

1.1.1 cut off of blanks and cutting of sticks up to Ø320 mm on ribbon machines МЕВА260AD, МЕВА320AР and with the width up to 500 mm on band mill МЕВА-ЕСО-335 СА

1.1.2 gas-plasma cutting from sheet products with thickness up to 100 mm of blanks of different configuration by program of numerical control

Equipment: АJAN P200А (2000х6000)

1.1.3 cutting of sticks Ø15-100 mm on abrasive cutoff machines 8В240

1.1.4 Cutting of armature up to Ø35 mm on machine Р-35


1.2 Technological process of mechanical working of details and assemblies

1.2.1 turning operations

1) turning of details  up to Ø 1000mm and L= 6000mm

Equipment: lathes 1К62, 16К20,1М63, РТ45-25;16526СП03

2) turning of details  up to Ø 1000mm by cross slide and up to Ø 900mm by side tool box

Equipment: turning-and-boring lathes 1512

3) turning with numerical control

Equipment: lathes with numerical control 16Б16Т1, 16А20Ф3, РТ724Ф3 (turning, milling, drilling using power tool), new lathes with numerical control with function of power tool:

- blocking up to Ø270 mm length 510 mm on machines VTURNII 16/50 CV; VTURNII 20/50 CV

- blocking up to Ø360 mm length 1100 mm on machines VTURNII 26/110 CV

- blocking up to Ø420 mm length 850 mm on machines VTURNII А26/85CV FANUC OITC

1.2.2 milling operations

1) milling of surfaces (up to 1000 mm)

Equipment: milling machines 6Р13; 6Р82Г

2) milling of cast iron, steel, nonferrous metal blanks (1600х400х630mm)

Equipment: horizontal universal bracket-milling machine, rigged by universal milling head with numeric notation device model FU450TRAрUGNC etc.

3) milling of irregular shape details – table 630х400 mm, table 1000х400 mm, table 800х630 mm

Equipment: milling machines with numerical control ГДВ400ПМ1Ф4; ГФ2171С6; 2206ВМФ4

1.2.3 processing of big forms, dies and large capacity details with mass up to 9 tons with working articles dimensions 3000х1400х1200 mm

Equipment: milling portal processing center with numerical control FV-3214

1.2.4 jig-boring working of precise surfaces with processing dimensions 2000х1300х1000 mm

Equipment: jig-boring machine 2470

1.2.5 circular grinding processing of details Ø400 mm

Equipment: circular grinding machines 3М151В, 3У131ВМ

1.2.6 internal grinding processing of openings up to Ø380 mm

Equipment: internal grinding machines 3М227ВФ2; 3М228ВФ2